Personal Transformation for Startups

There's a lot being asked of you.

To succeed as an ENTREPRENEUR you’ll need to do things that you’ve never done before and be who you’ve never been before. You’ll need to constantly learn, grow and be challenged to bring the very best of yourself to your business and the people you serve.

At Maiara Coach, we up-level new entrepreneurs and their teams from the inside out.

We need brazenly ambitious and kind-hearted entrepreneurs to win.

Businesses are destroying our planet.


Business will also be the fix.


We need brazenly ambitious and kind-hearted entrepreneurs to win. Now more than ever.

That’s why we’ve made it OUR MISSION to ensure the next generation of business leaders are fiercely kind and powerful human beings.

How? By creating a low-cost transformational start-up incubator. 

We coach impact-driven founders and their teams towards winning the inner game of entrepreneurship. 

It’s a no-brainer that when kind-hearted visionaries execute on their missions with more influence, effectiveness and well-being….everybody wins!

how you can get involved...

Free Community

You’re not exactly normal – well neither are we! 

Come and hang out with other kind, creative and ambitious entrepreneurs like yourself. Build your knowledge, be inspired, upgrade your mindset and make new connections. 

Entrepreneurship is a lonely road – that’s why we’ve created a kind of tribe/university/studio/gallery/sandbox /therapy room mashup of a free Facebook group. Here we drop our best transformational knowledge, creator interviews and whatever else we feel like adding in to generate a useful but also fun and inclusive community. Importantly, we make one of the most powerful mindset-change tools on the planet, MAP subconscious reprogramming, freely available for you to use (you won’t find this anywhere else).  We encourage visibility and collaboration to facilitate mentorship opportunities…and we don’t take ourselves too seriously either!

membership program

Cash is like oxygen for young start-ups!

Maiara Coach makes business and personal coaching outcomes affordable for benevolent start-ups. This means more good ideas become growing businesses…and the world is made a better place. Tap into our transformational coaching memberships to become more effective entrepreneur and a happier human being. You’ll get access to multiple courses, make new friendships and experience a lot of human to human guidance along the way.

High Performance
Executive & Team Coaching.

You’ve grown a team and raised some capital…it’s game on!

Good people are invested in your success and the success of your team.

At Maiara Coach we know that success is an inside job and we go WAY deeper than most coaching providers are willing (or qualified) to when it comes to turning potential into performance.

It’s our huge privilege to be offering transformational coaching and team performance programs to young, impact-driven companies around the world. We’d love the opportunity to learn more about your organisation’s mission and to explore new horizons for growth.

Customer since 2018

“Maiara Coach helped me strip back those mental barriers, jettison the emotional deadweight and provided me with the high octane boost my mental engine needed to breakthrough to that next level with my life and ambitions.” 

Jesse Puata,

WKF/HHA Hapkido Oceana Champion 2018

7x NZJJF New Zealand Ju-Jitsu Champion,

ISKA/KSK Karate NZ National Champion 2018

Founder; Ronin Coalition.

Founder: NPMMA

How it Works

step 1

Book a free q&A call.
how can we help?

The easiest first step is to book an obligation-free Q&A call so we can understand your goals and the context that you’re working within. You can get all your questions answered about Maiara Coach and find out if any of our membership or performance options are the right fit for you.

step 2

YOU’LL Increase your
capability, effectiveness
and well-being as a new

While you navigate the early phases of your success you can easily transfer between our membership plans. There are no lock-ins or large up-front fees. Our success is built on your success so we’ve put as much advantage in your corner as possible!

step 3

Up-level out of our
memberships and into
high-performance executive
and team coaching.

Work directly with our senior coaches and consultants to rapidly transform performance and self-mastery within your company’s leadership team. We’ll tailor a plan to specifically suit your needs and coach you and your team to the projected outcomes.

meet the team

Helen Flitcroft

Business Success & Relationship Coach. Certified Advanced MAP Practitioner

Anne Cullen

Certified Advanced MAP Practitioner. Family Success & Personal Power Expert

Aurimas Juodka

Certified in Science-Backed Natural Peak-Performance Solutions

John Evers

Maiara Head of Fun. Life Coach & Compelling Communication Specialist

Craig Hattle

Partner at Advantage Business. Agile Governance, Organizational Wellness And Resilience.

Andrew Ross

Advisor at Advantage business. Chartered Accountant, CFO & Directorship Advisory.

Luis Estrada

Branding Specialist. Strategy and Design Consultant.

Hi, I’m Helen.

Mum. Wife. Chef. Entrepreneur.

I’m an executive coach focusing on mindset, relationships and leadership. I know that entrepreneurs will save our planet and so I’m passionate about supporting this generation’s visionary leaders and agents of positive change. I’ve been the head chef in one of Australia’s top restaurants, set up a cooking school, started a family, emigrated to New Zealand, launched a non-profit, re-trained in my late thirties and am the founder of Maiara and Maiara Coach. I get to do what I love and make a positive impact. I hope that Maiara Coach serves you well and that it helps you to realise your dreams.

free daily success planner

Success doesn’t just happen! It takes planning and focused action towards high-priority tasks and outcomes. Download the goal setting and action planning system that we use daily to keep ourselves and our clients on track, on pace and 100% in emotional alignment. FREE TRAINING included!

“MC is the best value coaching program I’ve seen (and I’ve seen a lot). The resources in this program are just as great as what you would expect in a program that is ten times the cost.”

Craig Harwood, Founder AMW Health.

“Together we fleshed out the dream and I’m being kept focused, disciplined and accountable. If you want to change your mindset, become focused and open up to all possibilities then I thoroughly recommend this. I am 200% satisfied with Helen and her transformational service.”

Victoria (Toni) Morrison, Founder VM Vocal Hub

audio samples

how to move up in the world

The secret of growth. It’s who you know and who you help (and guess what…it starts with yourself!) Assessing the values and value of your circle of influence and allocating your time appropriately.

Being transformed

New ways of thinking about ourselves and others. How are you going on your journey from the person that you’ve been to the person you’re choosing to become? How can you be more of that person now? How you’re feeling is intricately tied to how you’re being. Are you being small or fearful or doubtful or are you being expressive, courageous and confident?

Vulnerability and entrepreneurship

interview with kofi Douhadji from dooko

If you have a dream that feels buried deep inside you or you feel like success is taking too long or that it’s all just too hard, you’re going to want to take a listen. We talk about the essential role that vulnerability plays if we truly want to live lives that we can call successful.

Our memberships Make It Easy For You To Get Started


Free Community

Recommended for:

Ambitious and creative entrepreneurs at any stage of their journey.

  • Connect with other ambitious and creative minds.
  • Find inspiration, motivation, and education.
  • Direct Q&A with our coaching team.
  • Have fun and celebrate the success of others.

Bonus: Monthly LIVE MAP(™) subconscious reprogramming sessions to re-write unhelpful programs and neutralise fear.

Silver - $9.95 NZD/week (beta)*

Recommended for:

Those new to entrepreneurship who are ready to give themselves a solid foundation to build on.

  • Unlock powerful personal growth and educational courses.
  • Significantly grow financial capability.
  • Create a robust business model designed to scale.
  • Highly structured accountability within a tight-knit community.

Bonus: 4 Weeks FREE TRIAL.

Gold $97 NZD/week

Recommended for:

Those who want the guidance and accountability of a personal coach OR who love the collective vibe of group coaching.

  • All Silver Level Benefits PLUS:
  • Unlock more programs
  • 2x Personal Coaching Sessions Per Quarter OR
  • Weekly Group Coaching 

Bonus: Special Gift In The Mail.

$150 Nzd/week

Recommended for:

Those who want the direct accountability, privacy and singular focus of regular coaching sessions to keep on track and on pace.

  • All Silver Level Benefits PLUS:
  • Upgrade to unlimited fortnightly sessions with your personal coach.

Bonus: Special Gift In The Mail


Maiara Coach has been designed by busy founders for busy founders. We’ve put a lot of work into figuring out how to help busy people generate incredible results for the smallest inputs of time and money. You can work through the training material at your own pace and then simply show up for the minimum amount of time required as follows; Silver Membership: 5 minutes per week. Gold Membership: 2X 90 minute private coaching sessions per quarter or 1X 60 minute group sessions per week. Platinum: 2X 90 minute coaching sessions per month. 

We’re still building our course library. All our courses and programs are well tested, easy to follow with fantastic client testimonials from our MVP phase. Now that we know we have a great product on our hands, it’s time to undertake the mammoth task of transferring the material from google drive to our course library. There may also be some technical glitches – please let us know if you find one!

This is a cutting edge and very effective method of re-wiring our brain. It is safe and very fast compared to most other options out there. Download this information booklet.

Our senior coaching team create our course material and personally deliver on executive and team coaching. Gold and platinum members are matched with trained coaches we’ve hand-selected from our network. Saying that, while we are in beta…you MAY get matched with one of our senior team!

The best thing to do is to book a free Q&A call so we can understand your goals and the context you’re working within. You can get all your questions answered and explore the options you have available to further your personal or team growth.