We coach impact-driven founders and their teams towards winning the inner game of entrepreneurship.

meet the team

helen flitcroft

Business Success &
Relationship Coach. Certified
Advanced MAP Practitioner

I combine the MAP and Reach methodologies with performance coaching strategies to bring about swift internal change and drive meaningful action within individuals and teams.


My clients are able to focus on what matters most, make powerful decisions and lead with greater confidence, joy, dexterity and influence.

  • Vision expansion
  • emboldened leadership
  • personal effectiveness
  • subconscious change for success

anne cullen

Certified Advanced MAP
Practitioner. Family Success &
Personal Power Expert

I got tired of playing games, pretending, and being small, so I decided to take massive action and just be myself! 

I enjoyed it so much that I decided to help other women who want to create positive change in the world have super connected relationships and feel TRULY fulfilled. 

I love working with sensitive women who feel deeply and are willing to put themself and their dreams on their own to-do lists.

  • Motherhood and Entrepreneurship
  • passion and purpose
  • families and parenting
  • subconscious change

aurimas juodka

Certified in Science-Backed
Natural Peak-Performance

I help my clients to optimize the 4 Pillars of High Performance using the Minimal Effective Dose approach.

Having worked with hundreds of clients, I know that addressing ONE area can be great for creating momentum, but it isn’t going to elicit lasting change.

I take a complete interdisciplinary approach and focus ONLY on the adjustments that evoke the biggest change.

I will maximize your efficiency & help you to integrate those skills into your day-to-day so it becomes absolutely effortless.

  • optimized biology
  • optimized mindset
  • optimized leadership
  • optimized efficiency

john evers

Maiara Head of Fun. Life Coach &
Compelling Communication

You’ll probably find me on a beach somewhere supporting kind individuals to live more positive, fun, and fulfilling lives!


I will help 10,000 people live the Hakuna Matata Life Philosophy of “Love, Grow, Give.”


Let me take this opportunity to send some love and bliss your way and remember….Stay Championish!!

  • enjoyment of life
  • uplift your vibration
  • spiritual exploration
  • fun, fun & fun!

andrew ross

Advisor at Advantage
business. Chartered
Accountant, CFO & Directorship Advisory.

I like to understand what makes an organisation perform the way that it does.

My interest in others is genuine and I have a strong desire to help clients succeed.

As a Chartered Accountant and financial modelling expert who is interested in much more than the numbers, I have become a go-to source for business owners seeking problem-solving.

  • Financial modelling
  • Management and governance
  • Cashflow and profitability
  • Business strategy

craig hattle

Partner at Advantage Business.
Agile Governance, Organizational
Wellness And Resilience.

Craig has over 25 years’ hands-on experience as a senior manager, business owner, and business advisor. 

He is known for his expertise in agile governance, wellness and resilience.

“The business world is highly competitive, and as your business grows, being able to keep your edge and react to new challenges or threats is essential for long-term stability and success. 

Applied governance is, at its core, about applying common sense to business, to deliver consistent outcomes.”

  • Agile Governance
  • People & Culture
  • Growth Strategy
  • Exit Strategy

luis estrada

Branding Specialist.
Strategy and Design

It takes less than seven seconds for a person to make judgments about who you are and if they can trust you.


I help business leaders construct an optimal image for their brand to attract and connect with their ideal customers so they can gain influence in the market and convert it into profit.

  • a compelling narrative for your business
  • discover an optimal position in the market
  • visual identity that will attract your ideal customers
  • marketing campaigns that drive business goals

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