You know your mission.

We know business success.

Let’s grow together.


Ambitious startup entrepreneurs join this membership when they want to launch and grow their business in the simplest and most direct way possible.

WARNING: This membership is a NO EXCUSES ZONE. Be ready to be personally challenged and called into your greatness immediately!

Plans start at $9.95/Week

Who will be there?

Senior Coaches

Team Coaches

Friends and Peers

Mentors & Investors


Build alongside other entrepreneurs

Pursue a compelling life mission

Improve physical and mental performance

Transcend limiting beliefs and old habits

Learn to balance creativity with execution

Develop confidence and leadership skills

Create "stretch goals" and embrace failure

Make new friends and have fun


“I think what you are creating is so valuable. My life has changed so much because of the work I’ve done here. I’m happy to spread the word.”

Lisa Renshaw, Founder, Blu Dove Designs

“Thank you Helen for the 13 weeks Magnetic Mind course*. It really pushed me out of my comfort zone and I broke free to unleash my creativity. I realised I was more than what I was doing at the moment. This gave me the tools to remove programs which were not working for me anymore.” 

Sophie, Entrepreneur and Investor

*Included in Silver Membership


Silver - $9.95 NZD/week (beta)*

Recommended for:

Those new to entrepreneurship who are ready to give themselves a solid foundation to build on.

  • Unlock powerful personal growth and educational courses.
  • Significantly grow financial capability.
  • Create a robust business model designed to scale.
  • Highly structured accountability within a tight-knit community.

       Bonus: 4 Weeks FREE TRIAL.

Gold - $97 NZD/week

Recommended for:

Those who want the guidance and accountability of a personal coach OR who love the collective vibe of group coaching.

  • All Silver Level Benefits PLUS:
  • Unlock More Programs
  • 2X Personal Coaching Sessions Per Quarter OR
  • Weekly Group Coaching Sessions 

       Bonus: Special Gift In The Mail.


PLATINUM - $150 nzd/week

Recommended for:

Those who want the direct accountability, privacy and singular focus of regular coaching sessions to keep on track and on pace.

  • All Silver Level Benefits PLUS:
  • Upgrade to unlimited fortnightly sessions with your personal coach.

       Bonus: Special Gift In The Mail.


You can book a free Q&A call to explore your options or simply start with a 4-week free trial on our Silver level membership*. There’s no obligation to stay and you can cancel or up-grade at any time.

*$9.95/Week after trial ends.


What Will My Journey Look Like?

Begin 4 Weeks Free Trial

Join the private Facebook Group

Live goal setting and planning session

Weekly execution, accountability and Q&A

Personal development programs at your own pace.


Sign up for a 4-week free trial on our Silver Plan.


Maiara coach has been designed by busy founders for busy founders. We’ve put a lot of work into figuring out how to help busy people generate incredible results for the smallest inputs of time and money. You can work through the training material at your own pace and then simply show up for the minimum amount of time required as follows; Silver Membership: 5 minutes per week. Gold Membership: 2X90 minute private coaching sessions per quarter (plus 5 minutes per week). Platinum: 2x 90 minute coaching sessions per month (plus 5 minutes per week).

We’re still building our course library. All our courses and programs are well tested, easy to follow with fantastic client testimonials from our MVP phase. Now that we know we have a great product on our hands, it’s time to undertake the mammoth task of transferring the material from google drive to our course library. There may also be some technical glitches – please let us know if you find one!

This is a cutting edge and very effective method of re-wiring our brain. It is safe and very fast compared to most other options out there. Download this information booklet:

Our senior coaching team create our course material and personally deliver on executive and team coaching. Gold and platinum members are matched with trained coaches we’ve hand-selected from our network. Saying that, while we are in beta…you MAY get matched with one of our senior team!

The best thing to do is to book a free Q&A call so we can understand your goals and the context you’re working within. You can get all your questions answered and explore the options you have available to further your personal or team growth.

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